What is The Sims Medieval, really? How different is it from other Sims games? Is it worth buying? Find out in this video review! Watch the higher-quality version here: blip.tv The Sims Medieval for Windows and Macintosh computers. EXTRA NOTE: One thing I wasn’t sure if I should mention in the review was the way the game “endings” happen – if you don’t want spoilers, don’t read this. After your kingdom ambition is completed and your kingdom is practically fully-upgraded with lots of high-level heroes, you are forced to start over with a new kingdom to continue playing. While you can choose one of your successful heroes to take over as the new monarch in an extra (and optional) quest, I really wish you could have continued with your original kingdom. You can either play the old one in “free mode” with no new quests or you must make a new one and do many of the same quests over again, re-building and re-creating everything again with every new kingdom ambition. Not exactly a “flaw”, but while I think I understand why they did this, it’s a questionable design decision and not exactly ideal to me.